Garlic Aioli What Is It

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Garlic Aioli What Is It. Garlic aioli is the perfect all-purpose condimentyou can use it to dress up so many of your favorite foods. According to Wikipedia the word aioli translates into garlic and oil in Catalan and Provencal.

Homemade Garlic Aioli Recipe Aioli Garlic Aioli Homemade Aioli
Homemade Garlic Aioli Recipe Aioli Garlic Aioli Homemade Aioli from

It originates from Provençal cuisine where it is served with meat fish and vegetables and the distinctive garlicky sauce has also been adopted by other nations to add zest to otherwise ordinary foods. Garlic Aioli is a sauce made with mayonnaise garlic and salt. Homemade lemon garlic aioli is a savory creamy sauce similar to mayonnaise but with garlic and lemon flavor added in.

The word aïoli literally means oil and garlic ail is garlic in French.

It originated in Catalonia Spain and has since become very common. If youve tried the classic garlic aioli you know that the creamy sauce goes with just about anything. You can use either store bought mayo or. Its a garlicky mayonnaise type of sauce that makes dishes taste better.